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What is World Soccer Fives?

  • 5-A-Side Soccer (Indoor & Outdoor)
  • Nationwide network of local tournaments
  • Compete for the top spot in your city
  • Over 50,000 Players Entered
  • Represent the USA in the World Finals
  • Team sizes are 7 people

The Tournament

  • Prize money totaling over $85,000
  • WIN the US Championship
  • Custom-Built Soccer Village in LAS VEGAS
  • Soccer festival featuring music and entertainment
  • Men’s division WINNERS to represent the USA in the World Cup in Thailand

The Global Legend Series

  • Legends vs. Legends Game
  • Greatest collection of Soccer talent
  • Watch the Legends compete head-to-head
  • Raise valuable awareness for the GLS Official charities
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What Are We About?

The World Soccer Fives USA is a multi-city tournament to find the best amateur 5-a-side soccer team in the United States to represent the USA in the F5WC World Finals in 2016. Premier Sports Events (PSE) is the exclusive license holder for the USA qualifying and national event.

Five-a-side soccer is a smaller version of the game, featuring four outfield players and a goalie on a smaller pitch with smaller goals and a reduced game duration. There are some differences in the rules, such as a semi-circular penalty area, no offside rules, no headers, and limiting goalkeeper kicks to saves (not to give the ball out to another player).

The 2015 World Soccer Fives event was a huge success with Team Illinois winning an all-expense-paid trip to Dubai to represent the USA at the F5WC world finals. Over 50,000 players entered the 2014/15 qualifying events across the USA. The winners from each of 32 states won an all-expense-paid trip to Chicago and a chance to play in Dubai. The event was broadcast on ESPN to millions of viewers across the country who were captivated with the 2-day event.

USA 2016 Tournament

The 2016 qualifying events take on a completely different format, with cities replacing states. This is due to the incredible demand from soccer organizers around the US wanting to run qualifying events.

Clubs, Leagues, and Soccer Facilities will be running qualifying events in major cities across the USA. The winning teams from each city will receive a trip to Las Vegas including: 4 night accommodation in a MGM resort property, and entry into all festivities including 1 ticket per player for entry into the Global Legends Series All-Star game. The World Soccer Fives USA 2016 tournament will take place in a custom-built Soccer Village on the Las Vegas Strip, where they will compete against some of the best amateur teams in the country. There will be entertainment, a fan zone, and more.

Please check with your local organizer to see if airfare is included with your local event, tournament, or league.

Prize money totaling over $85,000

The final rounds will be televised. The winners in Las Vegas will receive an all-expense-paid trip to go on to represent the USA in Bangkok, Thailand. The 2016 tournament will be open to any player over the age of 16, in line with the F5WC global event. This is an amateur event and is open to all male and female soccer players that do not currently have a signed professional soccer contract. More details to come regarding the festivities of this national event.

Trip to Las Vegas

Soccer Groups

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A Great Source of Inspiration

The Global Legends Series is a great source of inspiration for soccer fans everywhere, as it includes well-known players who have participated in and even won the most prestigious competitions out there. The Global Legends Series also allows for more awareness to charities, including regional and local charities, as the players’ playing fee may be donated to a charity of the player’s choice. In addition, sponsors can count on worldwide exposure through the players’ social media.

The Global Legends Series also works to benefit the youth through the GLS Academy, a fantastic youth development program that provides coaching through providing strategies from all the best playing nations, along with fantastic coaches and star players. The GLS Academy has fantastic coaching that’s held to the highest standards to benefit the youth. This program has great results and can even provide networking to help the young players find a path into professional soccer if they so choose. It may even allow for the youth to have a positive experience with superstar players, giving them a great source of inspiration.

Soccer Legends

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