F5WC Concept

F5WCTM is the first ever world amateur 5 a side soccer tournament created and managed by Sport Events International DMCC (“SEI”) specifically for amateur players aged 16 and over from every corner of the globe who share our love of soccer.

Successful amateur teams get the opportunity to represent their country and play at the annual F5WCTM World Finals to find the next F5WCTM World Champions.

F5WCTM 2015 was an incredible success, over one million players entered from 48 countries across 6 continents. Months of individual country qualifying rounds resulted in all of the top 48 teams winning an all expense paid trip to Dubai to play live on TV over 3 days at the F5WCTM world finals. Check out the pictures from 2015 and past tournaments in our media guide.

The World Soccer 5’s USA is a multi city tournament to find the best amateur 5 a side soccer team in the United States to represent the USA in the F5WCTM World Finals in 2016.

Premier Sports Events (PSE) is the exclusive license holder for the USA qualifying and National Event.

The 2015 World Soccer 5 event was a huge success with Team Illinois winning an all expense paid trip to Dubai to represent the USA at the F5WC world finals. Over 50,000 players entered the 2014/15 qualifying events across the USA. The winners from each of the 32 states won an all expense paid trip to Chicago and a chance to play in Dubai.

The event was broadcast on ESPN to millions of viewers across the country who were captivated with the 2 day event.